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Op Ed # 623 The Below Listed Link Explaining The Communist Plot To Take Control Of The United States; That Every American Should Read

  • Op Ed # 623 The Below Listed Link Explaining The Communist Plot To Take Control Of The United States; That Every American Should Read

By Capt Joseph R. John, June 23, 2023

Please take the time to click on the below listed link and read the excellent article.  It is one of the best historical articles you will be able to read about how Communists in the United States, and in the World Economic Forum (WEF) plan to take control of the United States and ever other country in the world.  Reading it would be worth every second of your valuable time.  

The historical perspective presented in the article, shows how the United States arrived at its current tense and divided situation, and how in the future Communists will try to systemically take control of the US and other countries through the policies of the Communists in the US and in control of the WEF.  It explains how the Communists are trying to dehumanize the population of America and of other countries throughout the world.  The Plot to take over America began in 1928, when the Communist Party USA believed that racial conflict was the Achilles heel in American society that could be exploited.  They felt that black and white racial relations were the most vulnerable point in US society.  The Communist goal is to create conflicts between black and white Americans, to destabilize the US Constitutional Republic and take it down from within.  

Over the last 15 years a program was developed by Klaus Schwab and his fellow Communists and Marxists, who created the World Economic Forum.  They established a program entitled, “The Great Reset”, which is “The Global War Against Freedom;” the founders and supporters of the WEF refer to themselves as “Globalist.”  Some well-known individuals of who are leaders in the WEF, presented below, reveals who they really and their ideologies.  They are a mix of Communists (Klaus Schwab, Vladmir Putin, Yuval Noah Harari---the lead advisor to Klaus Schwab, Xi Jinping, George Soros, Alex Soros—George’s son, and the WHO Director General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus), Marxists (Justin Trudeau, Bill Gates, Blackrock’s CEO Larry Fink, and Barak Hussein Obama), Progressives (Mark Zuckerberg, Al Gore, John Kerry, Joe Biden, and Dr Anthony Fauci), and Socialists (Volodymyr Zelensky, Angela Merkel, and Emanuel Macron).   

“The Great Reset” is designed to eliminate the Freedoms of the Individual, the Freedom of individual Nation States, the separate identities of a Nation State, the independent operation of a Nation State, the national uniqueness of a Nation State, and to eliminate the histories of independent Nation States.  Klaus Schwab wants a systemic transformation of the world, and support for “Collectivism”.  He wants the elimination of “Individualism”, and for Communism China to become the government role model for the systemic transformation of the world.  Schwab holds up the Communist Chinese government as the example of what every nation in the world should emulate.  Schwab and his fellow Communists, Marxists, Progressives, and Socialists want to create a world government to control all humanity like Communist China controls its people.  

Individuals supporting the WEF are Godless, oppose the Freedom of the individual, are intent on destroying the Nuclear Family, are calling for an 86% reduction in the world’s population (they say AI will make it possible to replace billions of humans), they also want a 75% reduction in private ownership of cars.   

Klaus Schwab and Yuval Harari want AI to rewrite the Word of God, and believe that they will become Gods, that they will rule and reign over their designs.  Harari believes these new entities will have no use for a higher power because they will in effect replace God.  Klaus Schwab wants the world to go to digital currency, which would give the state control over the wealth of individual’s, will control what the masses are allowed to spend their money on, and will have the ability to confiscate the wealth of specific individuals that displease the central government.  Schwab’s endgame mission is to replace independent governance with top-down Communist control, to develop a One World Government and a central bank with complete control of digital currency. 

To accomplish the “Great Reset,” Communists in control of the WEF must take control of the US Constitutional Republic of the United States.  To prevent the Biden/Obama administration from just rolling over and allowing Klaus Schwab’s plan for “The Great Reset” to take hold in the United States, American Citizens must contact their Congressional Representatives and become highly active in political campaigns to oppose “The Great Reset.”  Communists believe that a system of “Collectivism”, where the “Group” is more important than the “Individual” ----they believe that their support for “Collectivism”, i. e., Communism, Marxism, and Socialism, is more important than “Individualism”, the Freedom, and Independence of the Individual.  The world is in a war where “Individualism” is against “Collectivism”.  “Individualism” (America, Australia, Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, the Philippines, and NATO) is opposed to “Collectivism” (Communist China, Russia, Iran, Cuba, and Venezuela), is a life and death conflict.

American Citizens must stand up for “Individualism”, for the Independent Freedom of man, and what is in the best interest of the US Constitutional Republic.  Americans must not sit back and allow the Biden/Obama administration to give the United States’ Freedoms away, such as the control of all medication and lockdowns during a pandemic to WHO.  To allow the Communist in the United States to continue to aloe their fellow traveler, George Soros to recruit and elect Marxist District Attorneys who are releasing violent criminals thru revolving doors back into communities to create an unstable lawless environment that is ripe for a Communist revolution.  

“Individualism”, the Freedom of Speech, Freedom to Bear Arms, Freedom of Religion, and Freedom to Vote “one man one vote” in Elections are being opposed and suppressed by “Collectivism”, i.e. the above listed Freedoms have been under attack by the Biden/Obama administration.  

The general population of the United States can oppose the racial conflict being created and indoctrinated into the minds of America’s youth through Marxist public educational programs, instituted by Social Democrats and Communists who have been brainwashing students in both public school education and in colleges with the Marxist created Critical Race Theory.  

In 1776 the colonists who were seeking freedom from oppression of a monarchy, eventually formed a limited government, a Republic, not a democracy, since a Republic ensures the “individual” will not be suppressed by an oppressive majority, who would be able to eliminate the freedoms of a minority population.  The Founding Fathers of the new Republic wrote specific rules to protect the “individual” Freedoms; those rules were established and documented in a US Constitution and in The Bill of Rights-----that Constitutional Republic established in 1776 has protected the “Individual” Freedoms of American Citizens for 247 years.  That is an excellent example of “Individualism” in opposition to “Collectivism”.  Americans must oppose Communism and “The Great Reset,” that are examples of “Collectivism,” they would crush the “Individual” Freedoms outlined in The Bill of Rights that Americans have enjoyed for 247 years.

Click on the following link to read an excellent article about how Communists in the United States, and in the World Economic Forum (WEF) plan to take control of the United States.  We encourage you to share it with Patriotic American Citizens to make them aware of the Communist plot!

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