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Op-Ed # 600 Biden/Obama Administration Leaves Combat Marine Veteran Behind In Prisoner Exchange, Swaps Woke WNBA Player

  • Op-Ed # 600 Biden/Obama Administration Leaves Combat Marine Veteran Behind In Prisoner Exchange, Swaps Woke WNBA Player

By Capt Joseph R. John, December 14, 2022

This was just another of Obama’s bad trades to free terrorists.  Previously, Obama traded 5 Taliban Radical Islamic Terrorist leaders who were incarcerated in US Prison in Gitmo for US Army deserter, Bowe Bergdahl, who pleaded guilty to desertion and expressed his hate for the USA.  Those 5 Taliban Radical Islamic Terrorists leaders are now in control of the Radical Islamic Terrorists Regime in Afghanistan.

This time, the Biden/Obama administration swapped a Russian Terrorist and Arms Dealer, "The Merchant of Death", Viktor Bout, age 55, who was convicted in 2011 on charges of conspiring to kill Americans and he was serving a 25-year sentence in a US Federal Prison. 

The Merchant of Death will now again acquire “Lethal Arms” and sell them to Terrorists worldwide at a profit for Russia, enabling the Terrorists to kill Americans in the United States and internationally.

The swap for Viktor Bout was not arranged to free a 52-year-old former decorated US Marine, Paul Whelan, who served his country in combat in Iraq.  In December 2018, Paul Whelan traveled from his home in Michigan to Russia to attend a friend’s wedding.  While there, he was arrested on trumped up espionage charges, in another of Russia’s wrongful detention and hostage diplomacy operation.  Paul Whelan was tried and sentenced to 16 years in prison for espionage; he had already served 4 of those 16-years.  

Instead of swapping the US Marine for The Merchant of Death, Viktor Bout was instead wrongfully traded for Brittney Griner, a woke black LGBTQ WNBA pro basketball player who said she hates the USA.  Brittney Griner has been jailed in Russia for 9 ½ months.  On February 17, 2022, Griner arrived on a flight at a Russian airport, and was arrested while her luggage was being inspected by Russian Customs Officers for bringing drugs into Russia.  After her trial on November 6th, Griner was sentenced to 9 years in prison for drug possession.  

Biden told the press he was under a great deal of pressure from black women, and no doubt from the radical LBGTQ community, to swap the woke basketball player who hates the USA for the Merchant of Death.  The Biden/Obama administration was prepared to leave the same US Marine behind for the seond time, prioritizing instead to exchange the woke WNBA basketball player alone for Victor Bout.   The Biden/Obama administration previously left Paul Whelan behind in another prisoner exchange; saving a US Marines is obviously not a priority for the Biden/Obama administration. 

The wrongful swap resulted in public disappointment, with thousands of Americans registering their disappointment on Social Media of the unfair treatment of the former US Marine Combat Veteran by the Biden/Obama administration.   

'Celebrities over veterans?' Backlash rolls in, Marine Paul Whelan's family speaks out over Russian prisoner trade (

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