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Capt Joseph R John

  • Capt. Joseph R.
    USN(Ret)/FBI, USNA ’62, San Diego, CA

    Co-Founder, Chairman and Director

The motivation for establishing the Combat Veterans For Congress PAC in August 2009 was to rein in the out of control of spending by an irresponsible Congress, the goal is to save an support the 246 year old Free Enterprise System that built the most effective economic engine in the history of mankind, and to stop the aggressive drive by Socialists and Marxists in the Obama/Biden administrations to change the United States' Free Enterprise System into a Socialist State. Socialism with its redistribution of wealth has failed where ever it has been tried in the past 100+ years. The goal of the Combat Veterans For Congress PAC is to protect and defend the US Constitutional Republic.  We recruit, do the background investigation on, endorse, and campaign for the election of fiscally conservative Combat Veterans who have previously repeatedly put their lives on the line to protect and defend the US Constitution. Over a 13+ year period, from 2009 to 2022, 606 Combat Veterans from 50 states have been interviewed, 144 were endorsed from 41 states, 126 of them won their primary elections, and 40 endorsed Combat Veterans For Congress from 24 states have been elected and served in Congress (3 US Senators and 37 US Congressmen). We distribute the endorsements of Combat Veterans For Congress to the 800+ famous & Patriotic Americans listed on the Endorsee of PAC page of our Web site, to an estimated 250,000+ Tea Party members, to 108 national political organizations, 63 national press/media/TV organizations, 48 national Veterans organizations, 61 US Senators & US Congressmen, 9 Governors, thousands of supporters on social media, hundreds of thousands of supporters who receive our articles, Veterans magazines, newspaper columnists, multiple Web sites, and many of the 180 national radio talk shows throughout the nation that have broadcast our radio talk interviews. We conservatively estimate that our transmissions to supporters are forwarded by them, to at least 10 of their associates, and reach over 2 million Conservative Patriotic Americans.  The Combat Veterans For Congress PAC has a strong national following of an estimated 2 million Patriotic Americans in all 50 states who support the endorsed Combat Veterans For Congress.  Many of the more than 800 famous supporters who are listed on the Endorsee of PAC page of our Web site, include Hollywood celebrities, famous authors, major national media celebrities, Medal of Honor recipients, POWs from multiple conflicts, US Presidential Candidates, Governors, Lt Governors, Senators, Congressmen, State Assembly Representatives, Mayors, Clergymen, Judges, CIA Officers, FBI Agents, ICE Agents, US Border Patrol Agents, Local Police & Law Enforcement Officers, Flags & General Officers, Active Duty & retired military personnel from WW1, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Bosnia, Operation Desert Strom, Iraqi, and Afghanistan conflicts, Alumni of the five US Service Academies, members of the Ford, Reagan, Bush, & Trump Administrations, Chairmen/Presidents/CEOs of Corporations and national business organizations, Attorneys, Doctors, Nurses, Trusts, PACs, Elected and Political Party Leaders, and Honorable Veterans who have helped elect the endorsed Combat Veterans For Congress. 




  • Harvard Graduate School of Business, Cambridge MBA
  • C. H. Smith Fellowship
  • U S International University, San Diego, CA MS
  • Computer Science/Operations Research
  • United States Naval Academy, Annapolis, MD BS
  • Engineering, Brigade Honor Committee, Choir President
  • FBI Academy, Quantico, VA, GraduateFed. Law Enforcement Train. Center, Glenco, GA, Graduate



  • 2004-2005  
    • Federal Bureau of Investigation
    • Counter Terrorist Intelligence Analyst
    • Middle East and Al-Qa'ida Subject Matter Expert
    • Top Secret SCI clearance
  • 2003-2004  
    • Department of Homeland Security
    • Armed Federal Law Enforcement Officer, CBP Inspector
    • Screened for terrorists and/or violators of federal law
    • Middle East and Al Qa'ida Subject Matter Expert
    • Top Secret Clearance
  • 2001-2002  
    • Member DOD Counter Terrorist Task Force (After 9/11)
    • Task Force Reported to Assistant Secretary of the Army
    • Middle East and Al-Qa'ida Briefer
    • Top Secret Clearance



 JRJ and Associates, Inc. – Beverly Hills, La Jolla, and San Diego President/CEO—Consulting Assignments




  • Founding Board Member on a New Venture Capital Corporation to provide the capital to fund the expansion of new and/or existing high technology companies. Consultant for developing a very large utility scale solar energy power facility to be constructed in Saudi Arabia. Developed plans for an LNG Liquefaction Facility in Bangladesh. Consultant for development for a large coastal real estate project on 46,000 acres of land, bordering 15 miles on the Sea of Cortez in Sonora, Mexico.



  • Completed $55.7 million in 36 California real estate projects for over 700+ single family units.Analyzed and recommended solutions to complex issues for senior executives/principals; structured international joint ventures in 4 countries. Located merger and acquisition candidates and developed bridge funding for telephone systems. Consultant for 9 publicly traded US Corporations and members of the Saudi Arabian Royal Family.


1977-1979 Saudi Arabian Trading And Contracting, Riyadh, Dhahran 


President and Managing Director


  • Responsible for ten international companies based in four countries. Supervised $900 million in construction contracts, with over 4,000 employees. Maintained government relations in 5 countries while on 10 Boards of Directors.


1976-1977 University Contractors International - San Diego


Vice President International Operations


  • Monitored the mechanical contracting portion of $400 million in construction contracts with 1800 employees. Managed the construction of over 1,700 buildings, including sewage treatment plants, housing units, schools, commercial and industrial buildings for ARAMCO in Saudi Arabia.


MILITARY (Active and Reserve Duty): 1958-1992 United States Navy Midshipman to Captain


United States Navy      
Midshipman to Captain


  • Served with 2 Seal Teams, an FBI Swat Team, and Special Ops Command Central on 9 anti-terrorist operations (TS/SCI)
  • Involved in development and execution of plan to eliminate Iraq's chemical, biological, nuclear and ballistic weapons (TS/SCI)
  • Deployed to Kuwait with Special Operations Command Central during Operation Desert Storm (TS/SCI)
  • While Commanding Officer, COMUSFACSUBICBAYDET119, awarded the Bilger Trophy for being the best naval unit in nation.
  • Three tours of duty in Vietnam (TS)
  • As a destroyer Weapons Officer, awarded Weapons E as the outstanding gunnery and ASW ship in the Atlantic Fleet
  • Served twelve years aboard 6 US Naval Destroyers in USS Charles S. Sperry (DD-697), USS Ault (DD-698), USS Southerland (DD-743), USS Robert A. Owens (DD-827), USS Bauer (DE-1025), USS Gridley (DLG-21), and the USS Point Defiance (LSD-31), as Nuclear Weapons, Missile Ordinance, Weapons, Engineering, Operations, Navigation, and Executive Officers (TS)
  • Awarded Navy Marine& Corps Commendation Medal for saving Navy doctor's life.
  • Awarded five Meritorious Service Medals – “For great strategic service to the United States”
  • Awards include the Combat Action Ribbon, Navy/Marine Corps Meritorious Unit Commendation, Battle "E" Ribbon, Navy/Marine Corps Overseas Service Deployment Ribbon (4 Bronze Stars for 5th Award), Surface Warfare Officer Insignia, and 21 medals for operations in Vietnam, the Philippines, in Kuwait during Operation Desert Storm, and in the Middle East.
  • On December 21, 2013, Capt John was invited to a plaque dedication ceremony at the Mount Soledad National Veterans Memorial in La Jolla, California, and was surprised to learn it was arranged by his family and close friends to dedicate a plaque to memorialize his 30 years of Honorable service in the US Navy. Capt John's plaque was enshrined among the plaques of other heroic military figures who defended the nation in every conflict in history. The ceremony made mention of his 3 tours of duty in Vietnam, duty in Operation Desert Storm, and his deployment with Special Operations Forces on 9 Worldwide Counter Terrorist Operations. Inscribed on the plaque are these words “Joseph proudly served his country during crisis in several different hostile arenas. He received numerous military awards and citations for his outstanding and courageous service.”




  • Southern California Regional Chairman, Veterans 4 Trump 2016
  • Founder/President Combat Veterans Training Group 2012
  • Co-Founder/Chairman, Combat Veterans For Congress PAC 2009
  • McCain for President National Leadership Team 2008-2009
  • Chairman Veterans for McCain Western Region, LA 2009
  • Chairman Law Enforcement for McCain Western Region, LA 2008
  • Chairman Volunteers for McCain Western Region, LA 2008
  • Advisor US Secretary of Commerce, on Trade Policy Matters 1986-1992
  • President Reagan and President Bush, Advances Staff 1976-1990
  • Bush/Quayle, San Diego County Campaign Coordinator 1988
  • Reagan/Bush, San Diego County Co-Chairman Finance 1984
  • San Diego County Chairman, Goldwater for US Senate 1981
  • Reagan Presidential Task Force, Charter Member 1980
  • President Reagan's Presidential Campaign Advance Staff 1976




  • Designated as a Reagan Associate, by The Ronald Reagan Presidential Library
  • Plaque Dedicated at Mount Soledad National Veterans Memorial for Combat Service
  • United States Olympic Training Centre, Leadership Committee
  • Association of Retired Intelligence Officers
  • Surface Navy Association, Founding San Diego Board Member
  • Harvard Graduate School of Business Administration Alumni Association
  • United States Naval Academy Alumni Association
  • Who's Who in the World
  • Who's Who in America
  • Outstanding Young Men of America




  • University of La Verne, Associate Professor – MBA program 1993-1995
  • National University, Associate Professor – MBA program 1976-1985
  • U. S. Naval War College - Adjunct Faculty 1989-1992
  • National Defense University - Faculty/Moderator 1981
  • Naval Officer Candidate School - Tactics Instructor 1971-1972




  • Technical Advisor for HOMELAND SECURITY (NBC TV) Scott Glen, Tom Skerrit, and Grant Show (Paramount)
  • Technical Advisor for UNDER SIEGE starring Steven Segal, Tommy Lee Jones and Gary Busey (Warner Bros.)
  • Funded & Associate Producer for RUN IF YOU CAN starring Martin Landau and Jerry Van Dyke (Independent)
  • Co-funded SKY BANDITS with Rick Hurland starring Scott McGinnis, and Jeff Osterhage (Galaxy)