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Celebrate The 247th Independence Day on This Fourth of July in "America the Beautiful"

  • Celebrate The 247th Independence Day on This Fourth of July in "America the Beautiful"

In celebrating the “247th Independence Day” on this Fourth of July 2023, American Patriots will demonstrate their respect for the “American Flag”, and will continue to set an example for the younger generation, of the deep and honorable respect they have for the “American Flag” that they have pride in.        

We then encourage you to click on the below listed link, to watch a video message about “America the Beautiful.”  The video encapsulates a uniquely beautiful message about what the US Constitutional Republic is truly about.

The US Constitutional Republic was established, by the Founding Fathers who respected their Creator and demonstrated their indominable courage in the face of death threats, to declare their freedom from an oppressive government, they limited the powers of any future oppressive government, while protecting the freedoms of the “Individual” as outlined in The Bill of Rights.  Elected representatives in government today must follow the example of the Founding Fathers, by focusing on protecting the “Freedoms” of the “Individual” and preventing an oppressive government from continually trying to limit the “Freedoms” all American Citizens were given in the US Constitution.

On this Independence Day and every day, American Patriots must oppose the attempts that Progressives, Marxists, Communists, and Socialist Democrats to try to suppress the celebration of Americans on Independence Day and focus on the “Freedoms” of the “Individual.”  For three years in a row, the Biden/Obama administration has refused to allow the annual Independence Day fireworks display to take place at Mount Rushmore, South Dakota at the site where the four US Presidents' faces were carved into the side of  Mount Rushmore, because of their important roles in preserving the Republic throughout US History.  American Patriots must also oppose the attempts to divide the American people by race, to tear down America’s Patriotic symbols, and the continued program by Domestic Enemies, Progressives, and Socialist Democrats to teach a corrupted and inaccurate version of US History in Public Schools.

US History is not a blank page on which America’s Domestic Enemies, Progressives, Marxists, Communists, and Socialist Democrats can substitute untruths and insert the lie that America has always been an irredeemable racist nation, in their dishonest and racist version of US History that they are trying to indoctrinate America’s youth with.  If the 50 State Educational Departments expect to receive any Federal Aid to Education from the Biden/Obama administration’s Department of Education, they are required to employ the dishonest, corrupted, and racist version of US History printed in US History textbooks published by George Soros. 

One of the ways you may elect to celebrate Independence Day is by forwarding the attached fireworks video and the video message of “America the Beautiful” to your loved ones, fellow Americans Patriots, Veterans, and members of the US Armed Forces.  

This is a dangerous and stressful period in American History, with the highest inflation rate in 40 years, ever increasing gas prices at the pump, the increasing prices of food in grocery stores, the invasion of eleven millions of Illegal Aliens from 161 countries including 127 captured terrorist on the Terrorist Watch List who entered through the wide open southern border, the revelation of crimes by occupant of the Oval Office exposed in sworn Congressional testimony, and the degrading of the “Combat Effectiveness” of the US Armed Forces by the Woke leaders in the Pentagon.  We encourage Americans to celebrate Independence Day, and ensure that their votes are counted in November 2024.   

God Bless, Protect, Defend, and Save the US Constitutional Republic.

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